23rd February 2021
A man checking tyre pressure

Drivers urged to keep up tyre checks during lockdown

With the UK still under strict lockdown restrictions, few of us are using our cars in the way we normally would – instead leaving them stationary […]
21st February 2021
Apple's new 'Do Not Disturb' function will go live this autumn

Parking and travel fares to be payable in Google Maps

Ever reached your destination to find all the parking meters are full, or you don’t have the right coins to pay? Well, now Google is taking […]
18th February 2021
Pothole on road

Potholes left unrepaired for up to four months

If you drive regularly, you’ll likely be only too familiar with the dreaded pothole. Aside from presenting a real danger for road users, hitting one could […]
11th February 2021
A car driving in the snow

Will driving after a weather warning affect my car insurance?

Could driving during snow, ice, wind, rain or fog following a weather warning invalidate your car insurance if you need to make a claim? Luckily, leading […]
10th February 2021

Dash cam recordings submitted to police have doubled

Would you give your dash cam footage to the police if you witnessed a driving offence? Police forces in the UK received an average of 89 […]
8th February 2021
A smart motorway

Smart motorway safety tech rollout brought forward

It looks like smart motorways may be set for an unexpectedly early safety boost – after the Transport Secretary turned up the pressure on Highways England. […]
6th February 2021
A test of the system is expected to go live in September 2017.

Union Flag to replace EU flag on driving licences and number plates

So, who’s ready for a makeover? British symbols including the Union Flag are set to replace the European Union flag on UK driving licences and number […]
4th February 2021
A self-driving car

How automation is changing our roads

Whether you’re a fan of automation or not, there’s no escaping its ever-emerging presence on our roads… Get up to speed on the latest thinking around […]
1st February 2021
Cars on sale

Half of global consumers target car purchase this year

Could a car be your key to protection during the pandemic? A new study shows a whopping 46% of global consumers plan to keep themselves and […]