What are your motoring goals for 2018?

13% of motorists resolve to switch off their handsets when driving

While most people set New Year’s goals to get fit, eat healthier, spend less or be more positive, many of us are looking to improve how we drive in 2018…

A new poll reveals the resolutions set by UK drivers for the year ahead, and almost a quarter (24%) say regular checking their vehicle’s oil levels and tyre pressure is their top priority.

The survey of 1,018 motorists was carried out by under-17 driving school Young Driver.

Leading by example

Despite many people planning to hone their road skills in 2018, around 18% of motorists believe they’re perfect drivers and have no room for improvement, it appears.

And yet 13% of drivers admit to using a phone while driving, resolving to switch off their handsets when getting behind the wheel, and one in 10 (11%) motorists say they often check their texts.

Commenting on the outcomes, Young Driver’s head of marketing Laura White says mums and dads have a responsibility when it comes to setting good habits.

She said: “Our instructors obviously spend a lot of time teaching youngsters the right and wrong way to drive – but of course children are always watching and learning from their parents.

“If you’re showing them it’s OK to take a call behind the wheel, or to get mad when another driver cuts in, they expect that’s how everyone drives.”

Common concerns

Second on the list of New Year’s resolutions is learning how to park properly, with 17% of motorists making it top of their priority list.

Meanwhile, overcoming a fear of motorways comes third on the list (16%), and 15% of drivers say they plan on improving their reversing technique.

“It seems that demonstrating how to reverse or parallel park well might also be an issue for quite a lot of people,” continued Ms White, adding: “Many drivers end up avoiding doing things because they’re nervous, and then they lose the knack.”

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