Drivers lose 38 hours a year to road delays

Heavy traffic on a London A road

1st CENTRAL – An average of six hours are wasted by each motorist on the motorway and A roads

How much time do you think you’re wasting in traffic every day? Whether it’s the commute to work, the school run or just rush hour traffic, we spend too much of our valuable time stuck on the road, and research backs this up.

A study by Go Compare found that drivers in England waste an average of 38 hours on the road due to delays each year, equivalent to over 2,200 minutes.

13.9 billion hours in delays

Go Compare used Department for Transport figures on the average road delay per delivery mile alongside DVLA mileage data from 2022 to find out how much time was lost each year.

This figure was then applied to the estimated number of licensed vehicles in England.

Findings show that an average of six hours are wasted by each motorist on the motorway and A-road network managed by National Highways, with each driver losing a day and a half on these roads due to delays in 2022.

To break it down further, this means the equivalent of more than 55 million days are lost each year to delays across the country, equal to a staggering 1.3 billion hours, 79.2 billion minutes or over 4.7 trillion seconds.

On the other hand, however, drivers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough enjoyed some of the smoothest trips in the country, as there were fewer A-road delays in this area than in any other combined authority.

Keep calm and stay alert

Tom Banks, car insurance expert at Go Compare, said: “There’s never a good time to be caught in traffic and losing such a huge amount of time while going nowhere is extremely frustrating.

“Although navigating traffic is stressful, it’s important to stay as calm and alert as possible, making sure to keep an eye on all the vehicles around you. Otherwise, you risk colliding with another driver.”

In the event of winter road delays, here are six things you should always keep in your car.

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