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2nd August 2022

The world’s first carbon neutral car has been unveiled

Meet the car that cleans the air while you drive. Dutch student engineers have unveiled Zem, an electric car which removes and stores carbon dioxide as […]
28th July 2022

Change your car tyres to save money on fuel

High fuel prices aren’t going away anytime soon, but a simple tyre change could make all the difference. It’s no secret that fuel prices are soaring. […]
26th July 2022

Travel delays crossing Channel to France over the summer

Travelling to France for a weekend getaway? Be prepared for busy roads along the Channel. After a weekend of traffic build-ups leading to the Eurotunnel terminal […]
21st July 2022

Around 19 million cars set to hit the roads this weekend as summer holidays begin

The sun’s shining, school’s out and summer holidays have officially started, but what plans have you made for the first weekend of the holidays? Whether you’re […]
19th July 2022

Watchdog reveals the best and worst motorways in England

Planning a road trip this summer? If so, you might want to avoid the worst motorway in England – the A1. According to a poll by […]
14th July 2022

Wales to lower speed limit to 20mph on residential roads

Did you know that speed limits are changing in parts of the UK? In Wales, the speed limit is set to drop to 20mph on all […]
12th July 2022

Heatwave survival guide for your car

Say hello to the heatwave… Britain’s enjoying scorching temperatures this week, with the mercury rising above 30 degrees in many areas of the country. But if […]
7th July 2022

Speed-limiting tech compulsory for all new EU cars

How can we keep our roads safe? Well, the answer may lie with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) tech, which will now be fitted into all new […]
5th July 2022

New car sales at lowest level since June 1996

Been waiting to get your hands on a new car? Well you might have to wait a little while longer. According to the Society of Motor […]
1st July 2022

Five futuristic cars that will wow you

Will flying vehicles exist in the future? Will all cars self-drive? 10 years ago many of us probably thought flying cars would exist by now, but […]
30th June 2022

What you need to know about parking on pavements

Be honest – how many times have you had to park on the pavement or mount your car on a kerb? On small or busy streets, […]
28th June 2022

45% of Brits cutting back on car journeys

How is the rising cost of living impacting your life? High electricity bills and increasing fuel costs are forcing many households in the UK to make […]
28th June 2022

1st CENTRAL’s ultimate staycation guide

The flights have been cancelled and your holiday plans are grounded. But that’s no reason to write off an adventure. To help you on your way […]
23rd June 2022

What does the colour of your car say about you?

Do you like being the centre of attention or are you someone who prefers not to be seen? No need to answer the question – the […]
16th June 2022

Only 5% of drivers know this common street sign

So, what does an ‘access only’ road sign look like? Give yourself a pat on the back if you know the answer, because police have discovered […]
14th June 2022

Changes to practical driving tests are on the way

Keen to pass your driving test and hit the road? The impact of the pandemic has left many drivers waiting for a test date, but this […]
9th June 2022

Brits are buying cheaper car models to get better value for money

Who doesn’t love getting good value for money? In today’s day and age, the rising cost of living means many of us are having to spend […]
7th June 2022

Car tyres ‘produce more pollution than exhausts’

We all know car exhausts create pollution, but did you know that your car tyres are also harming the environment? According to a recent test, almost […]
6th June 2022

5 steps to cutting your fuels costs

Has the rising cost of fuel got your purse strings in a tangle? The price of petrol and diesel is hitting new highs every week. And […]
1st June 2022

Drivers face hefty fines for running out of fuel while driving

How many times have you risked it and driven your car on low fuel? For many of us, it’s probably quite a few and we’ve mostly […]
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