8th May 2020
Driving with pets

Pet passengers make driving less stressful

Like to take your canine pal along for the drive? According to new research, travelling with pets could have more benefits than just good company. In […]
6th May 2020
Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Were you booked on a speed awareness course prior to lockdown? Drivers can now Zoom their way back to the road as courses go online. Drivers […]
23rd April 2020
Jeremy Clarkson named automotive icon

Jeremy Clarkson named greatest automotive icon

Jeremy Clarkson’s ego has been boosted as he’s beaten Steve McQueen to the title of greatest screen automotive icon. A survey by Hyundai asked 2,000 Brits […]
17th April 2020
Racing driver turns Tesco delivery driver

Racing champion turns delivery driver during Coronavirus lockdown

Looking for fast food? Look no further! This British racing champion has put the brakes on his track career to serve the nation as a Tesco […]
14th April 2020
Car tax has changed

Car tax has changed – are you up to speed?

It’s a year of big change and car tax isn’t unaffected. For some motorists, new rules will mean paying more to keep their car on the […]
8th April 2020
The Stig

How The Stig spends a day in isolation

Have you ever wondered how The Stig takes his daily exercise? Hint: it involves a lawnmower… The helmeted driver from BBC’s Top Gear has released a […]
2nd April 2020
M62 motorway

Extra lanes opened on M62 to help key workers

Highways England has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by opening new lanes on the busy M62 motorway. A fourth lane is now open in both directions […]
31st March 2020
NHS thank you sign

How people are thanking NHS workers on the roads

Over the last week, NHS and key worker staff have been overwhelmed by public gratitude for all their hard work. On 26th March, millions of people […]
27th March 2020
MOT exemption due to Coronavirus

Six-month MOT exemption granted in response to the Coronavirus

Owners of cars, motorcycles and vans will be granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing in response to the Coronavirus crisis. The Department for Transport (DfT) […]
20th March 2020

Top tips for spring driving

Spring is in the air, evenings are getting lighter and days are getting warmer. While many of you are jumping for joy that winter has finally […]
13th March 2020
Over 1 million speeding drivers choose awareness courses over points

Drivers taking speed awareness courses tripled in the last decade

Millions of speeding motorists are returning to the classroom as an alternative way of paying their dues. Nearly 1.5 million motorists took the national speed awareness […]
11th March 2020
Strangers can park on your driveway

Legal loophole lets strangers park on your driveway

Have you ever come home to find a strange car parked in your driveway? Turns out, getting it moved could be tougher than you thought… A […]
9th March 2020
Drink-drive fatalities stay at record high

Drink-drive deaths fail to improve in over a decade

Thought safety was improving on the roads? Think again. Shocking new data reveals that drink-driving accidents have failed to improve in over a decade. Drink-drive related […]
5th March 2020
A third of accidents involving young drivers happen after dark

Thousands of new drivers have never driven at night

Does driving in the dark still fill you with dread? For thousands of new drivers, the prospect could lead to more than just nightmares… Inexperienced drivers […]
28th February 2020
Your guide to 2019 number plates

Your 2020 guide to car number plates

It’s that time of the year again! New number plates were launched in the UK on 1st March, meaning some of you will soon be driving […]
27th February 2020
Here's your top tips for driving in snow

How to stay safe driving in snow and ice

While the wintry weather makes everywhere look like a Christmas card (at least until it turns to slush), the treacherous conditions make it difficult to drive […]
22nd February 2020
Car buyers embarrassed by rude 69-plates

Car buyers shy away from rude ‘69’ number plates

Would an unsavoury number plate stop you buying a car? This suggestive plate series is causing thousands of potential buyers to keep their wallets closed.  According […]
20th February 2020
Petrol pumps could carry harmful bacteria

Fuel pumps are a hotbed for diseases

Motoring experts have warned that fuel pumps could pose a high risk for harvesting coronavirus. According to studies, coronavirus can survive on surfaces for between four […]
17th February 2020
The danger of driving through floods.

Three out of four motorists risk lives driving through floods

Would you risk driving through flood water to avoid re-routing? Nearly three quarters (74%) of UK motorists say they would. However, experts warn that just one […]
14th February 2020
Drivers could be fined £5,000 for splashing a pedestrian.

Drivers who splash pedestrians could face £5,000 fines

Driving through deep water isn’t always avoidable, but soaking passing pedestrians could cost motorists more than just an angry look. In the wake of this week’s […]