2023 motoring information – what’s new?

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Are you ready to get driving in 2023? Make sure you know the new rules of the road first.

From the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion and clean air zones to the expected fuel duty increase, here’s everything you need to know before you hit the road.

ULEZ is being expanded

From 29 August 2023, the ULEZ will expand to cover all 33 London boroughs.

If you drive anywhere within the boundaries of the ULEZ, and your vehicle doesn’t meet the current low emissions standards, you could be charged £12.50 a day. This includes residents of the expanded ULEZ, although if you are parked in the zone but don’t drive, you won’t be charged.

The ULEZ and Congestion Charge penalty charge will rise from £160 to £180 from the end of January 2023.

Pavement parking ban expected in Scotland

Back in 2019, Scotland announced a nationwide pavement parking ban. It was delayed due to COVID, but it’s expected to come into play during 2023.

You could face a £70 fixed penalty notice for parking on the pavement once the law starts being enforced.

It’s illegal to park on the pavement in London, but elsewhere in England, and the rest of the UK pavement parking decisions are left up to the local council.

HGV levy to be re-imposed

The HGV levy – a payment made by all HGVs over 12 tonnes to cover damages to roads – was first implemented in 2014. It was then suspended due to COVID because of driver shortages and cost issues.

However, from 1August 2023, the HGV levy will be reimposed. The amount payable varies from vehicle to vehicle and is dependent on:

  • Weight
  • Axle configuration
  • Levy duration

More Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones, like London’s ULEZ, charge a fee if your vehicle doesn’t meet emission standards, in an effort to improve air quality in cities. Clean Air Zones are divided into four classes –  A-D. Class A has the least amount of vehicle types required to meet the minimum emission standard, and Class D includes every vehicle type.

Several cities in England are already clean air zones, such as Bath, Bradford, Portsmouth, Birmingham and Bristol. As of 30 January 2023, Tyneside (Newcastle and Gateshead) will be a Clean Air Zone. Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone will be enforced on 27 February 2023. Greater Manchester is also under review, although no date has been set. There’s also no information on what class these new Clean Air Zones will be.

New number plates hit the roads

2023 is no different when it comes to the introduction of new number plates. In March 2023 you’ll start seeing ‘23’ plates on the road, and in September ‘73’ plates will start to make an appearance.

Fuel duty increase

In March 2022, fuel duty rates were dropped by 5p per litre for a year as a temporary price cut.

While not confirmed in the Autumn Budget, it’s thought that this price cut could come to an end in March 2023 and the fuel duty rate could rise by 23% – that’s 12p a litre.

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