safe driving

5th June 2018

7 steps to cope with hay fever behind the wheel

Summer’s here, and for many it’s one of the happiest times of the year – sunshine, picnics, holidays…what’s not to like? But for thousands of UK […]
14th December 2016
A driver in Manchester was caught eating a bowl of cereal at the wheel.

Driver stopped by police… for eating a bowl of cereal

You had a late night. Your alarm didn’t go off. You’re in a rush. You know there’s going to be traffic. Who has time for breakfast?! […]
20th October 2016
1st CENTRAL has launched a new app to reward safe driving.

Get rewarded for your driving

Here at 1ST CENTRAL, we think brilliant drivers like you deserve great rewards. That’s where our free app 1ST DRIVE comes in. Track your trips, size […]
18th October 2016
Night driving can be dangerous, especially at Halloween, so here are our top tips to keep you safe on those dark nights

Driving in the dark

Driving in the dark can be dangerous, so here are our top tips to keep you safe on those dark evenings: Headlights can sometimes point in […]
28th September 2016
Have a stress-free road trip to university by following these top tips.

Student safety guide: Have a stress-free road trip to university

Are you driving to university this September? You may be travelling into the unknown, with a new course to start and new people to meet. But […]
19th September 2016
Google Maps is set to introduce a new feature that displays the speed limit on roads when using GPS navigation

Google Maps new feature to speed up road safety

Google Maps could be about to make your car journeys safer thanks to a new navigation feature. The app is now displaying local speed limits as part of its […]
18th July 2016
Pokémon catchers could face three points on their licence and a fine of £100 for using a mobile while driving.

Drivers warned not to catch £100 fines for Pokémon Go craze

It’s the computer game that has taken the world by storm. But would you dream of playing Pokémon Go while driving? The question seems a no-brainer. […]
19th January 2016

Top tips to get you through winter’s worst on the roads

Does the thought of driving in wintry conditions fill you with dread? Taking a few minutes to read our cold weather motoring tips might make you […]
30th December 2015

Phone-drivers risk new £150 fine

Can’t kick the illegal habit of using a hand-held phone at the wheel? Well, obvious dangers aside, you now face a £150 fine under new Government […]
21st December 2015
Calls for UK-wide drink-drive limits

Calls for UK-wide drink-driving limit

Nearly seven out of 10 people want to see a standard UK-wide drink-driving limit re-introduced. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all had the same limit […]
30th November 2015
alt test

Revealed: Weirdest road spillages ever!

Why did 6,000 chickens cross the road? No, it’s not a joke. And it was certainly no laughing matter for motorists when a big brood of […]
8th October 2015

Why it’s time to brush up on the Highway Code

Think about it – how many times have you looked at the Highway Code since passing your driving test? Those of you who have are in […]
18th September 2015
Car warning lights

Dashboard warning lights: what do they all mean?

Like the best football referees or cricket wicketkeepers, the less you notice your dashboard warning lights, the better they’re working. They’re there to alert us to […]
3rd June 2015
1st CENTRAL_ Vibrating wheel

Meet the wheel that stops you nodding off

Ever wished you had a device to stop you nodding off behind the wheel? Well, that dream could become a mass-produced reality within years. It’s all […]