24th May 2024

Analysis uncovers how potholes are handled by councils

In partnership with Channel 4’s Dispatches (Thursday, 23 May 2024)  the RAC has carried out analysis on how councils approach the repair of potholes in their […]
20th March 2024

How to claim compensation for pothole damage to your car

Potholes have become one of the biggest problems on Britain’s roads. If your vehicle has been damaged by potholes, here’s how to claim compensation for the […]
27th February 2024

Council road maintenance drops to lowest point in five years

Road maintenance in 2022/23 dropped to the lowest it’s been in five years according to RAC, analysis of the latest government statistics. Just 4% of A […]
14th November 2023

RAC deals with record number of third-quarter pothole breakdowns

The state of Britain’s roads appears to be getting worse year on year according to the latest RAC data. Have you noticed yourself driving around more […]
17th October 2023

World’s biggest Pothole Pro fleet set to fix Britain’s roads

Britain’s pothole problem is well-documented, but that could all be about to change thanks to a fleet of JCB Pothole Pros.  JCB Pothole Pros hit the […]