8th May 2018
The strict new MoT rules will come into force from May 20, 2018

Passing your MOT is getting harder, will your car pass?

The annual road worthiness test for vehicles is having a major overhaul this month, and it could mean it’s more difficult to pass. Here’s a look […]
15th August 2016
An Aberdeen woman has set a Scottish record after failing to pass her theory driving test an incredible 40 times.

Woman sets shocking failed theory test record

Shaking hands, a dry mouth and cold sweat? Remember how it feels to take an exam? It’s nerve-wracking. No one likes tests, especially when you’re learning to drive, […]
26th October 2015

Parents to sit in on driving lessons

Thought your driving lesson days were over? Or perhaps – if you haven’t yet passed your test – your worst nightmare is the thought of your […]
8th October 2015

Why it’s time to brush up on the Highway Code

Think about it – how many times have you looked at the Highway Code since passing your driving test? Those of you who have are in […]