22nd September 2017
Using a phone behind the wheel is the most annoying commuter habit

The top five commuter pet peeves revealed

Morning gridlock and limited parking spaces are both valid reasons why the rat race is nobody’s favourite pastime. But new research unearths some more specific motoring […]
20th September 2017
Police closed the motorway at around 7:30am

Drivers entertain themselves amid M1 travel chaos

Getting stuck in a traffic jam is one of the biggest sources of frustration, stress and, let’s face it anger that a driver has to experience. […]
30th August 2016
Our commute to work could add an extra 800 calories to our diet every week.

Calorie count driven up by long and stressful commutes to work

Wondering why you’re piling on the pounds? Apparently your journey to and from work could be the reason you’re overweight. Commuting adds an average of almost […]
17th February 2016
Be a kinder driver

How a little kindness can work wonders for your commute

Did you know that we now spend a record average of four years just driving to work? To put this into context, if you wanted to […]
16th November 2015

Our commute to work is getting longer

Many of you will know the feeling. You’ve spent over an hour getting into work. You arrive tired, clammy and feeling more in need of a […]