1 in 5 ignore warning lights when ‘driving home for Christmas’

1 in 5 ignore warning lights when driving home for Christmas

Every year it’s the same. You try to get everything sorted early, but it comes to the week before Christmas and there’s still something you need to do. And that means hopping in the car.

Research from Enterprise Rent-A-Car shows that the average UK motorist will drive 89 miles over Christmas. With people seeing family and friends, and buying those last minute presents, it’s hardly that surprising.

However, the research also showed that 1 in 5 drivers will drive these 90-or-so miles with an urgent warning light flashing on their dashboard.

To add to this, 71% of drivers admitted to not checking their car tyre pressure and 77% said they won’t even look to see if their headlights are working.

Of the 2,000 motorists surveyed, 23% said they had broken down over Christmas in the past. Around 8% also said they’d been in an accident because their car was not properly maintained.

Christmas is a busy time, and with changing weather conditions, it’s more important than ever that drivers ‘listen to their car’ and make sure it is safe to drive.

Sak Gill, Assistant Vice President of Rental for Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK and Ireland, explains that although driving home for Christmas has jovial connotations, people need to be extra careful.

“Driving home for Christmas may have romantic connotations thanks to the well-known song, but sadly, many UK motorists could find themselves stuck on the side of the road because they haven’t checked their car before they drive off,” he said.

“This means the trip could well turn into the Nightmare Before Christmas, particularly if they are driving off with an active warning light.”

Whether you’re just popping down the road, or going for an 89-mile journey, stay safe on the roads over Christmas.

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