Stay safe with the 12 tips of Christmas

A road safety organisation has released 12 tips for staying safe on the roads this festive season.

On the first day of Christmas, GEM Motoring Assist gave to me…

Don’t worry, we’re not going to go through the whole song.

With Christmas fast approaching, road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist has released 12 tips for staying safe on the roads this festive season. With the potential for terrible traffic and wild weather, every driver needs to be extra careful this time of year.

Here are GEM Motoring Assist’s valuable 12 tips:

  1. Take a taxi home from parties: There may be party after party coming up, but don’t drink and drive. Plan in advance, book a taxi and get home safely.
  2. Always wear your seatbelt: The easiest way to stay safe over Christmas and through the rest of the year is as simple as putting on your seatbelt.
  1. Keep children safe: Double check they are wearing their seatbelt and if they’re walking near a road, make sure they are easy to see.
  1. Tie down your Christmas tree: If you’ve bought a new tree, make sure it’s safely secured to your car and not obscuring your vision, before you hit the road.
  1. Slow down: Stay safe, give yourself time and space to stop and slow down.
  1. Don’t drive tired: The festive period may be hectic, but don’t drive if you’re tired. Share the driving on journeys, take plenty of breaks or skip driving entirely.
  1. Don’t drive on certain medication: If you’re unlucky enough to get ill over Christmas, don’t drive if your medication makes you drowsy. Plan around it so you have no reason to get in the driver’s seat.
  1. Check those tyres: Check your tyre tread and pressure before any Christmas journeys. They can be crucial to keeping you safe.
  1. Be careful ‘the morning after’: If you were drinking, you could still be over the limit the following morning. Make sure you give your body plenty of time to recover before driving.
  1. Don’t be distracted: Christmas can be full of sights and sounds, but don’t let them distract you from driving.
  1. Think about others: Not everyone is aware of the risks, so think about the people around you.
  1. Don’t use your mobile: It doesn’t matter if you got it for Christmas, don’t use your phone behind the wheel. Ever.

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